So today was our last port of call, Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. For this stop we signed up for the “Mini Jeep Adventure and Ranch Visit.” At this port we are tendered rather than right up at the dock so we met in the theatre per usual after breakfast (and saw Derrick and Nicci at breakfast and they said since their kayaking trip had been cancelled they opted for our excursion) and then made our way to the tenders. Once onshore, we were met by a guide who brought us to a tour bus that took us through town and out towards the desert area where the ranch was. We offroaded a bit in the bus on the way to the ranch (both a standard highway detour and the “driveway” to the ranch which went past a few homes, both fancy and plain) and came up to the staging area where the folks that were on the horseback riding tour split with those of us going on the offroad tour. We were then brought over to our vehicles, the tour guide called them Rhinos, they were open air (no windshield) automatic transmission vehicles with rollbars, two seats, and a little flatbed in the back. I drove first and Jeremy said he would take the second leg back. We were told our rough itinerary, shown the basics of how to operate the vehicle, given a helmet, goggles and a bandana to wear over our mouths and nose and we were off.

It was a blast driving, up dunes and down ravines, we went through cacti and various flowering scrub brush (where thee were lots and lots of little yellow butterflies), then through a dry river bed and along the Pacific coast. We took a break for photos and water at the coast and it was beautiful. The coast was pretty rocky so the waves crashed rather spectacularly, I got a little too close to one and got my shorts half soaked but it was fun anyway. We then swapped drivers for the ride back along the course. It was fun to practice getting out of fish tailing and handling a rather loosely controlled vehicle (both the steering wheel and accelerator/breaks were very…forgiving). When we arrived back at the ranch we sat in the shade and were given water and granola bars and could purchase Coronas if we chose (Jeremy and I both did). The whole way Derrick and Nicci were behind us so it was fun to get to do an excursion with folks we “know,” as it was fun to get to share the experience with folks.

The show tonight is a broadway medley but we won’t see Derrick and Nicci there as they have been invited to sit at the captain’s table at dinner tonight (fancy!) and they don’t eat until 8:45 (the show we were planning to go to is at 8:45). On the way back to the ship we went through the inevitable and ever present souvenir shops next to the dock and picked up a last few souvenirs. We cleaned up (we were so dusty! My black shirt was brown by the end) grabbed some lunch, and are now watching the last 2pm tender come back before we head out for our last sea day and San Diego.