Today was a pretty quiet day, even though I had a bit of a rush of a start. The entire cruise we have been going west and setting our clocks back an hour but for whatever reason Puerto Vallarta is actually an hour ahead, not back. So not realizing that the night before we set our clocks back and when I woke up and checked the tv I saw it was 8:35, not 6:35 so I rushed off to my watercolor class while Jeremy stayed behind and had breakfast. I’m working on a painting of a bird of paradise flower, and I’m pretty proud of it actually. Linda Lee Curtis, the instructor, let us use some of her higher quality paints and they really make a big difference in color and application. I’m tempted to buy some more paints and paper when we get home, may be a fun relaxing thing to do on weekends and such.

After class I met up with Jeremy (who saw a sea turtle go by as he was reading out on our balcony) and we went to a talk by the first navigation officer in the theatre about how they do navigation and itinerary planning on the ship. After that, also in the theatre, was bingo. I bought one strip of cards and Jeremy managed to tolerate watching for about half of the games, then he headed back to the room while I and Felicia and Chad finished out our games (none of us had any luck, one guy behind us however won two games in a row). I met up with Jeremy for lunch then we went to the pool deck, planning to read, but ended up watching the officers vs guests pool volleyball game instead. We happened to be standing by Derrick and Nicci at the bar we were watching from so we chatted a bit with them and then headed back to the room.

Our plan had been to take just a short nap but we ended up sleeping until 5:35 so when we woke up we had to rush to get ready for dinner. After dinner with John and Karen we met up with Derrick and Nicci at the martini bar where we joined them for a drink and then we all headed to the evening show. I was quite excited for this one, it was a performance by Dale Kristian, who played Christine in Phantom of the Opera, both on Broadway (with the original Phantom, Michael Crawford) and in LA. She sang a lot of Phantom songs as well as “Memory” from Cats, “Don’t cry for me Argentina” from Evita, and to our great surprise, our first dance song, “It Had to Be You.” So overall a very enjoyable evening, even if we didn’t do so great with the waking up on time parts of the day.