So today was a day at sea, so that meant a watercolor class in the morning after breakfast and some reading time out on the deck (we decided we really like the brown wicker chaise lounges they have out on deck with the orange cushions, may be good for our deck at home). In watercolor class we have started doing paintings based on photos now, I chose a green and red spiky agave plant. After that I met up with Jeremy and we went to a cooking demonstration (the chefs were very entertaining) followed by a lecture about the engines and navigation of the ship (not as interesting as the cooking).

After that we grabbed a quick lunch and then picked out the excursions we wanted to do for the rest of the ports (volcano hike tomorrow, two Jeep tours in Mexico. After making the reservations we returned to the room and read for most of the afternoon. We spent a bit of time trying to calculate the distance of the horizon (yes, we’re geeks) and we hashed out ideas for lighting the new deck (I wanted criss crossed lights, he wanted them along the perimeter only, we compromised).

We got ready for dinner, our second formal night, and enjoyed another meal with John and Karen, we showed off wedding pictures and our engagement story this time around (I got chided by our other two dining couples for taking off my engagement ring to show them), and talked about Lord of the Rings. They loved Qsine so much and really encouraged us to go try it so we decided to go together the dinner after tomorrow. As an added bonus, the maitre’d overheard us discussing making a reservation and called for us and gave us a two for one price for dinner. We have to be ready by 6:45am tomorrow for our hike so we decided to skip the 70s musical show tonight and just read a bit of LOTR and head to bed early.