We had a wonderful time at One Market. We were able to secure the Chef’s Table for the evening so we sat in the kitchen and were able to see all the preparations for most of our meal along with the impressive assembly line they had going for a large dinner party going on at the same time. We were treated wonderfully by all of the staff and even got an extra mini tour of their wine cellar. As part of the evening Jeremy and I also got to assist in preparing the desserts, brûlée our creme brûlée and decorating the plates with various sauces. A fantastic evening and very highly recommended if you are in the Bay area.


Avocado Gazpacho
kampachi, toy box tomato, opal basil

Lamb’s Tongue
lambs lettuce, asian pear, puffed quinoa

Grilled Octopus
rancho gordo white beans, lovage, celery

Lightly Smoked Wild King Salmon “Mi Cuit”
potato rosti, pancetta vinaigrette, quail egg

Seared Scallop*
mushrooms, parsnip puree (*bonus course!)

Pan-seared Red Snapper
english peas, mashed carrots, olive oil emulsion

Roasted Liberty Farms Duck Breast
sunchoke, duck andouille sausage, hazelnut granola, chocolate

Dessert Tasting