I saw this recipe come through my Twitter feed a few weeks ago and then last weekend a friend made this and posted it on Instagram and it looked delicious so when Sunday morning rolled around and I was trying to think of something that 1) used lots of eggs 2) was a little different and 3) could possibly make leftovers this fit the bill perfectly, NYTimes Savory Dutch Baby.

The dish is super simple to make, eggs, flour, salt, pepper, herbs all mixed together and poured into a cast iron skillet over a few tablespoons of freshly made brown butter and then topped with cheese.

Mine did not puff up as evenly as Ashleigh’s but it tasted great. The bottom almost had the consistency of a pie crust and the top was salty and cheesy and crispy while the middle was eggy and custardy, a perfect combination of different flavors and textures and a great way to start off a Sunday.