So you may have been redirected here from one of my old blog sites…I decided after a year of neglect in 2014 and prior years of sporadic blogging on both my personal and tech blogs, as well as maintaining a personal website, that it was time to just consolidate everything into one spot. So here it is:

I’ve been retroactively posting all day today so there is much more “going on” in 2014 now that when I started yesterday.¬†Jeremy and I had talked about wanting to note which recipes we try out of our shared Evernote folder, so that combined with inspiration from¬†Melissa McKelvey‘s renewed food blogging, and I’ve decided to post a lot more this year. Whenever I photograph a dish we’ve made and I have a recipe it will (hopefully) make it up on to this blog, more than anything just for my own sanity so I’m not searching back through my browser history trying to figure out which recipe I used for a given dish (hello Thanksgiving. Happens. Every. Year.). I’m always taking photos of food but don’t feel like it all needs to go on Instagram, so instead it will go here where, if nothing else, I can remember what I had for dinner one night…and if you, dear reader, are inspired or intrigued, then that’s even better!

This will also be the spot where I share the “work” side of me…articles I’ve enjoyed, presentations I’ve given, random thoughts on social media things, all that will be going here too.

So here’s to a new year!